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This page will be reserved for a list and description of guitar learning sites that we find worth a visit. None of these will make you a 'Blues God in only 3 days' or let you in on a secret that, 'will get you shredding in a day' but they do offer well thought out, well presented and informative material. Our experience has proven that there is a very healthy and well-intentioned community of guitar sites that sincerely want to help you become a better guitar player. The caveat is the lessons offered are very much dependent on your effort to achieve success.

We feel that the fee-based courses of worth all offer a free, 'try before you buy' opportunity to evaluate their specific material before you make a significant investment. We do not recommend spending your hard earned or possibly inherited money on any internet offered course that does NOT allow this free glimpse. There are simply too many good instructional sites that do offer this free, peek inside for you to spend your money on those that don't. Your choice and the aforementioned cautionary note is our opinion only.

Please let us know if you would like your site, or a particular site you like, included in a reader submitted listing. All requests will be reviewed for appropriate content. We would like to maintain and support good karma.

We do admit that 'cool guitar sites' may be somewhat of a misnomer. We aren't really sure what constitutes 'cool', but felt 'useful guitar sites' sounded much too pedestrian. You might find 'cool' but we can't actually guarantee this.

…and in response to a question…

We will have an index but clearly don't require one at this time.

Selections of

Anyone Can Play Guitar

This site is owned and managed by Adrian Woodward. Adrian's bio states that he is a guitar teacher with over 20 years experience, a member of "The Inky Depths", and a session guitarist.

The site is neatly constructed with a clear navigation path through the various drop-down menus that will lead you to the section of your choosing. These include beginners, songs, licks and solos, blues, resources and the like. Each of these sections is well populated with material that is of musical value and substance.

There is a very healthy listing of songs you can learn to play and tons o' cool little lessons that will add to your guitar acumen. The songs and technique lessons cover a broad spectrum of guitar and musical genres. There is bound to be something that you will find of interest.

Quick Glimpse
Create a complete country solo from one simple lick
Just another blues lick

The lessons are primarily video based and many of the videos are accompanied by supporting standard notation and tablature. All of the lessons are presented in a well-organized fashion that is both easy to follow and enjoyable. The lessons will build and add to your guitar repertoire and are well worth either a casual glance or a serious commitment.

Adrian can clearly play guitar and is a well prepared and competent instructor. His approach is low key and comfortable. The ambience of the lessons is welcoming and stress free. The lessons on the site are free and there is an option for paid 'Skype' based, personal lessons. Of course, the beauty of a video lesson is the ability to pause, rewind, and play it again.

Adrian maintains a YouTube channel that is also well worth exploration.

Really good stuff, and you are encouraged to check this site out. Chances are good you will not be disappointed.

Harmony Central

This site is dedicated to everything musician related with more than a fair portion of guitar related 'stuff'. The real value of Harmony Central is found within the forums. Plenty to dig through and, if you have a question or concern about a guitar, an answer or reference will most likely be found within the forum sections. Appears to foster a great online community.

They have 'expert' reviews as well that include, at the time of this post, 89 on guitars, 116 on effects, 34 on amps and so forth. They also have user reviews - people like you and me - and the current number of user reviews on guitars is a staggering 111,584. Quality and accuracy of these reviews is entirely dependent on the submitter but the volume is impressive. I am not sure there is any other site that offers a review collection this large.

There are also sections devoted to news - appears to be a heavy lean toward manufacture releases - and an extensive classified section. Sell or buy your stuff but be sure to aways subscribe to proper protocol when engaging in an on-line transaction.

I don't think there are any tutorials or lesson sections but the attraction is in the community discussions. Well worth checking out and utilizing as a high-level reference source if you are dancing about a decision to buy.

771 - at time of this post - expert reviews to help you decide. 111,584 - at time of this post - user reviews that, on occasion, should be considered with that proverbial 'grain of salt' flavor of consideration.

The Alchemical Guitarist Volumes 1 and 2
Richard Lloyd

This resource is a bit of a conundrum. I can offer an opinion but, in the end, you will have to judge for yourself.

Richard Lloyd has a very eclectic history as a guitarist, and was one of founding members of the band Television.

One of the gifts Ricard possesses is the ability to look at something that all of us look at each and every day, and discover something that most of us won't. We plow through the predictable patterns and chord changes while Mr. Richard is able to discern new musical highways. He is a GPS for guitarists.

At one time, he authored a featured column in Guitar World - some can be found on YouTube - and every one of these lessons offered a perspective that the majority of us hadn't considered. Often the lessons were out there on the periphery but still worth the adventure of exploration. A different, but enlightening, view of musical concepts for the guitarist.

Dip your toe in the water here:
YouTube Video Here
2nd YouTube Video Here

There are no longer lessons on his web site, but two DVDs are still available that contain lessons offered in Guitar World. Richard never appeared to be concerned with quantity and there are those that criticize his presentation skills but there is substance to each lesson. I can't say I fully grasp the full depth of the lessons presented but I did find them informative and challenging to fully process.

Not sure how all of these lessons are actually applicable in day-to-day strumming and picking but there is something of value there. I just might not be able to fully appreciate and apply the value offered therein, but I know that it is there.

I think it worthwhile to explore. Go ye forth and all of that.

Don't be afraid.

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