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Bluegrass Guitar
Happy Traum
Oak Publications
January 1, 1992
ISBN-13: 978-0825601538

Intended Audience
Beginner to Advanced Guitarist

One Sentence Synopsis
Yee Haw!

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This book is graded for beginner to advanced and contains loads of challenge and fun. You can take it as far as you can go. Bluegrass can A—L—W—A—Y—S go as fast as you can cleanly play.

Happy Traum is one of the more respected guitar instructors on our good planet and currently operates Homespun Tapes, a site filled with all types of quality musical instruction.

The book includes a CD - and many of you may remember the small plastic, flexible record that used to be found within this instructional book. This gives a hint as to the staying power of this classic.

The book contains standard musical notation and tab.

Songs Include:
Mama don't allow
Bury me Beneath the Willow
Roll Me in My Sweet Baby's Arms
Soldier's Joy
My Grandfather's Clock
Sally Goodin
Arkansas Traveler
….and many others.

Cool item to be found within:
The classic bluegrass G run

This book is one of the finest currently available in presenting a peek at the craft of bluegrass guitar. You might not give a hootenanny about bluegrass or country guitar but you are strongly encouraged to give this style an honest listen. Please don't underestimate the value and enjoyment to be found in this great American guitar tradition.

Selections range from relatively easy, repeatable phrases, to licks that, if played a the correct tempo, have the potential to singe your fingertips. "Arkansas Traveler" played at the speed the world turns will make you incredibly happy, and has the power to awe an audience. An accomplished bluegrass guitarist is welcome to play anywhere, anytime and is almost guaranteed to carry a good time inside that guitar case. This book will return your effort in correct proportion to the effort put in.

The book includes a couple of wonderful photographs that capture the essence and some of the stars of this American discipline.

This book has been in continuous publication since - I believe -1974, and is truly one of THE classics of published guitar instructional books.

There is a reason this has remained so popular over the years.

Our highest recommendation.