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Chuck Berry
Transcribed by Fred Sokolow
Authentic Transcriptions with Notes and Tablature
Distributed by by Hal Leonard


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One Sentence Synopsis
Just like a ringing' a bell.

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Chuck Berry.

I am not sure there are superlatives that adequately describe Chuck's value within the pantheon of Rock and Roll guitar. He is one of the founding fathers of rock guitar and his style has been incorporated into the approach of virtually every rock guitarist from the late 50s to today.

Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll!

The intro to Johnny B. Goode may be the most sought after collection of licks and riffs of all time. Is there a rock guitarist alive that hasn't attempted that intro? We would think very few have not given chase. The essence of Rock can be found within. The definition of what a back-beat is all about.

This collection includes the following rock classics among others:

Around and Around
Back in the U.S.A
Guitar Boogie
Johnny B. Goode
Little Queenie
(as spelled in this collection)
Memphis, Tennessee
No Particular Place to Go
Roll Over, Beethoven

Classics All.


Of course, we are not allowed to print lyrics protected by copyright and we so want to but will respect the concept of artistic ownership. All we can say is listen to "Mabellene" and you will get the juice.

Oh My!


Each of these Rock and Roll and guitar classics is presented with lyrics, standard notation, and tablature. The cover indicates these are "GUITAR RECORDED VERSIONS" and who are we to doubt. "AUTHENTIC TRANSCRIPTIONS WITH NOTES AND TABLATURE" What more could you ask for?

The book has a brief review of notation, an introduction to Chuck's music, both his lead and rhythm styles and techniques, and then slides right into the song selection.


We again are unable to print the lyrics to "Johnny B. Goode" and can only say that this is one of the great combinations of verse, chorus, and marvelous guitar of all time. We SO want to print these lyrics but good karma is good karma and sometimes sacrifice is involved in order to perpetuate goodness.


Pretty cool picture of Mr. Berry on the cover, looking' over his shoulder with that twinkle in his eye.

I am quite sure there are many sources for the music of Chuck Berry and you certainly encouraged to pursue those you find most helpful. I can only say that this particular volume will allow you to tap into the spirit of some of the greatest Rock and Roll tunes of all time. These are never dated, never stale, and rock with the fervor rock is meant to carry.

Suitable for you late beginners to intermediates and belongs in your collection. Practice required.

You will get the joint jumpin' for sure.

Strongly recommended.

And, in closing, we sure wish we could print those lyrics.