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updated February 11th, 2019
That's right oh ye of little faith, something relatively recent. Oh My!

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E Shape of the CAGED System
E Shape Bar Chord
E Shape Scales
E Shape Modes
D-Shape of the CAGED System

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Not too bad

My son asked me to quit practicing the Oasis song 'Wonderwall'.

I said Maybe….

Letter(s) to the Editor

I purchased a guitar book with tab (didn’t know what the hell tab was) that shows some guitar songs of Jimi Hendrix. So now I’m over a month into this and I still don’t sound anything like Jimi Hendrix. Not even a bit. I couldn’t even guess I’m playing ‘Red House’ and I’m the one playing it. You can bet your bottom dollar that my wife doesn’t think I am either. Calls it goddamn noise and she’s tired of hearing it.

So here’s my question. What am I missing? Do I not really get that tab shit? My hands are pretty small in case that information helps. Any help you can provide would be great. I mean right now my wife has about had it with this.

Hey Bill,
Sorry to hear of your struggles. Jimi can be quite the challenge. Don’t forget it took Jimi a tad more than a month to develop his expertise. Jimi did have reasonably sized hands. Not sure what to make of that.

Stick with it for a couple more months and if you still can’t tell your playing ‘Red House’ while you're a actually playing 'Red House', you might want to pick up an introductory Mel Bay book. Jimi might be just a tad beyond your current capabilities. You also might want to listen to your wife.

Remember when Clint said, “A man’s got to know his limitations,” in one of those Dirty Harry movies.

Ponder that.

Keep pickin’

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